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15000-22000元 应届毕业生 本科
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职责描述: Finality Organise and manage site maintenance (preventive and curative) 组织和管理工厂维修(预防和修理) Main missions 1 - Manage external service providers used by the Maintenance department 管理维修部门的外部服务供应商 - Decide on the use of external service providers 决定使用外部服务供应商 - Select external organisations and negotiate their work 选择外部供应商并协商他们的工作 - Schedule preventive and curative maintenance and improvements made by external companies 安排预防和修理的维护和外部公司的改进 - Analyse failures and intervention time for corrective and preventive actions 分析故障和故障开始时间时间,以采取纠正和预防措施 - Monitor and check the services provided by external companies 监控和检查外部公司提供的服务 - Ensure the storage of equipment and compliance with safety instructions and procedures 确保设备的储存并遵守安全指示和程序 2 - Organise and schedule the preventive and curative maintenance of buildings and shared equipment and/or production means and adjust, maintain and upgrade the programming of production equipment 组织和安排建筑的预防和维修维护,共享设备和/或生产方式和调整,维护和升级生产设备的编程 - Schedule preventive maintenance based on potential risks 根据潜在风险安排预防性维护 - Coordinate the curative maintenance of production equipment 协调生产设备的维修维护 - Analyse failures and intervention time for corrective and preventive actions 分析故障和故障开始时间,以采取纠正和预防措施 - Define requirements of the Maintenance department in terms of purchases 根据采购情况确定维修部的要求 - Help to select and approve maintenance purchases 帮助选择和批准维修采购 - Chair working groups, analyse major failures 领导工作小组,对工作上的失败进行分析 - Organise, coordinate and schedule training in his/her field of activity 组织、协调和安排其工作领域的培训 - Help to accept means in accordance with specifications (Development Guide) 协助接受符合技术规范的方法(开发指南) - Define the management policy for spare parts 制定备件管理政策 - Manage the storage of spare parts 管理备件的储存 - Propose investments associated with the maintenance activity 建议与维护工作相关的投资 - Make the necessary decisions to optimise results, in line with initial data 根据初始数据,做出必要的决定来优化结果 - Lead his/her team continuously and coordinate their missions 始终领导团队,协调团队任务 3 - Provide expertise in the field of Maintenance 提供维修方面的专业知识 - Assist with the study and definition of general new machine specifications and provide technical support as required 协助研究和确定一般新机器的规格,并提供必要的技术支持 - Define and implement corrective actions to improve the service 确定并实施改善服务的纠正措施 - Minimise shut-downs of equipment and installations 最大程度地减少设备停机和装置关闭 - work on new projects to Monitor and identify obstacles 对新项目进行监测和障碍识别 - Help to process production risks 帮助处理生产风险 - Lead problem solving groups 领导问题解决小组 4 - Manage his/her activity 管理自我 - Based on the objectives of his/her activity, prepare action plans and coordinate the missions of his/her team in a coherent manner 基于工作目标,准备行动计划和协调团队任务 - Propose an annual operating budget for his/her activity, and ensure that it is adhered to 提出工作年度运营预算,并确保执行 - Propose the necessary resources for attaining his/her objectives and implement the necessary actions for staff turnover (recruitments, transfers, dismissal/redundancy) and investments according to budgetary forecasts and labour constraints teams of them) 为达到目标提出必要的资源,并实施必要的员工离职措施 (招聘、调岗、辞退/冗余),根据预算预测和劳动力限制进行投资 - Conduct annual performance reviews, set the objectives of his/her employees, including functional staff, then ensure deployment all the way down the hierarchy 进行年度绩效考核,设定员工目标,包括职能人员在内,确保层次结构的部署 - Develop the team's skills for the activity and propose individual and/or group training actions that are necessary to maintain performance levels of activities, in collaboration with the Functional Manager 与职能经理合作,开发团队的工作技能并提出个人和/或团体培训计划对维持工作的绩效水平是必要的 - Advise employees on professional development in agreement with the Functional Manager and promote internal mobility 与职能经理达成一致,在员工的职业发展方面给出建议的协议并促进内部流动 - Propose salary increases in agreement with the Functional Manager within the framework of the group's salary policy 在集团薪资政策的框架内,与职能经理达成一致,提出加薪建议 - Enforce appropriate disciplinary measures for his/her employees, when necessary 必要时,对员工进行适当的纪律措施 - Ensure that his/her teams remain motivated and that there is a good internal atmosphere 确保团队保持活力,并且有良好的内部氛围 - Check and approve team members' expense claims (travel, etc.) and authorizations for absence/vacations 检查并批准团队成员的费用报销(差旅费等)和休假的授权 - Ensure that job descriptions are updated according to group procedures 确保根据团队流程更新岗位说明 - Provide reports of his/her activity 提供工作报告 Specific missions 特定任务 The job holder may be assigned all or some of the following missions: 该职位员工可能被指派完成下列全部或部分任务: - Troubleshoot during specific breakdowns at the request of Plant Management 在工厂管理的要求下进行特定故障排除 - Manage the movement of tools excluding moulds (subcontracting, obsolescence, renewal) 管理模具以外的工具的转移(转包、报废、更新) - Draft the progress plan, monitor and optimise indicators 起草进度计划,监控和优化指标 Responsibilities in terms of Quality Safety Environment Progress 质量安全环境进展方面的责任 - Ensure that processes, work instruction sheets and related appendices are correctly understood and properly implemented. 确保流程、工作说明书和相关附件的正确理解和实施 - Decide to cease any processes that are identified as being dangerous and detrimental to the safety of persons or to property, and in the event of current or imminent serious incidents or environmental disasters. 决定停止任何被认定为危险和损害个人或财产的安全过程, 以及当前或迫在眉睫的严重事件或环境灾难 - Make sure that instructions regarding safety and environmental protection are followed by staff. 确保员工遵守有关安全和环保的指示 - Integrate prevention systems for health/safety and environmental impact protection into his/her missions. 将卫生/安全和环境影响保护的预防系统纳入其工作任务 任职要求: 本科以上学历; 同等岗位工作经验3年以上; 英文水平良好; 具有注塑经验者优先考虑; 综合素质优秀者,可放宽以上条件。
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